online ELT Marathon

of fascinating multinational workshops

December 19–20, 2019

TWO days in a row:

17:30–20:00 Ukrainian Time

Participants from different countries
International Speakers
Years of Teacher professional development

Guided by TESOL


We bring English Language Teachers together with a purpose

TESOL Drive is an online event designed to inspire and to educate teachers of English to strength their teaching quality as one of the most important factors in raising student achievement.


A certificate of attendance will be sent by email to all attendees who fill out the TESOL Drive Marathon evaluation survey.

TESOL Drive is for you:

Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced educator,
you can learn something new at TESOL Drive.
It is designed to help teachers develop the right skills to teach successfully.


This ELT Marathon will allow you to put all of the things you will have learned during 6 workshops to the test in real-class situations.
You will get to learn what works and what does not.
You will be able to take that knowledge back to your classrooms, and then, of course along with you in your developing career.


December 19, 2019


Evgenia Tatarova

Moderator. TESOL Trainer. CELTA.


Think. Feel. TESOL.

This session is going to be about different way of professional development. We will discuss a modern skill set nowadays teachers should be competent in; the way teachers can improve their skills and, in turn, boost student outcomes.

Alina Suprun

TESOL Certified English Language Teacher
International TESOL Conference Presenter
IT Corporate Teacher
Developmental Psychologist


How to teach without stressing out and teach your students to do so

This session is going to be about public speaking: how to be less nervous, more confident, how to control yourself, not your students, and how to get more satisfaction from your lessons rather than stress.

Nargiza Khushbokova

TESOL, TEFL, TEYL, TESL, PG-cert certified teacher.
MA TESL Webster University
EAL teacher in British school of Tashkent


Differentiation in action. How do tic-tac-toe boards enhance learning?

Learners love learning by playing games. Tic-tac-toe games are one of the simplest games that you can easily adapt to language learning classes. It’s not only a child’s game. You can cover grammar, vocabulary, spelling or even use of function language while pair or group work. Make it as challenging as your learners need.

Olga Chekalina

TESOL Certified
The owner and the founder of the ‘START’ Language Center
Worked as a Counsellor at
• YMCA Camp Grady Spruce, Texas, the USA
• Block and Hexter Vacation Center, Pennsylvania, the USA


Using Different Approaches for the Classroom Management

This session is going to be about classroom management – about creating the right conditions for effective learning – whichever method you use, whatever your classroom is like and whoever your students are.

December 20, 2019


Akinpelu David Dare

TESOL Certified English Language Teacher
International IELTS Instructor


Find Your Students’ Muse. Teaching with the help of songs

This session is going to be about how to make songs into a learning tools, to encourage language expansion and provide fun practice for exams

Nataliia Poritska

TESOL Certified English Language Teacher
Cambridge Examiner
TOEFL, IELTS Instructor
Business English teacher


Teaching Beyond the 4Cs in any classroom. The 21st Century Skills

4Cs is an essential tool for every single teacher to create a fantastic learning experience. This session is important for both experienced and Fresher teachers. You will find it a lot easier to design and select appropriate teaching materials and tasks your studentsof almost any age range.

Svitlana Mazur

TESOL Certified English Language Teacher
Teacher trainer at the Teacher Training Centre SUTO, Ukraine
Teacher Course Developer


Teaching, Learning and Succeeding. Learning Styles

This session is going to be about different learning styles. We will discuss: why it’s important for teachers to identify students learning styles. How knowing learning styles can help us in teaching English and our students in learning effectively.

Evgenia Tatarova. Moderator


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About TESOL Drive Team​

TESOL Drive is an ELT Marathon co-organized by Ukrainian Teacher Training Centre SUTO, Teacher Professional Development Centre SR Teaching&Learning and TESOL gigant – TESOL Asia that specialize in high-level educational programs with special focus on Intensive 120-Hour TESOL certification program in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, etc.

You can join any of these programs. Choose the country and contact our representatives.

Whether you are new to teaching or an experienced educator, you can learn something new at TESOL Drive. It is designed to help teachers develop the right skills to teach successfully:

  • How to teach more effectively

  • How to vary teaching techniques basing on student learning needs and interests

  • How to earn TESOL certification which requires teachers to learn, teach, record, analyze and reflect on their teaching practice effectiveness

  • How to improve fundamental teaching techniques

  • How to manage a classroom effectively

  • How to improve student learning and meet expected standards

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